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Money spent on horsepower can be money wasted unless your propeller has perfect pitch to give maximum thrust for each revolution.


Bale Defence's hi-tech computerised propeller measuring equipment enables repitching, repair and maintenance of propellers with accuracy not previously attainable. A perfectly pitched propeller will:

  • Produce a marked increase in ship speed.
  • Greatly improve fuel economy.
  • Reduce vibration and associated noise.
  • Reduce or eliminate cavitation.
  • Extend the life of drive train and skeg bearings.
  • Control maximum R.P.M. by increasing or decreasing pitch.


We have the capacity to handle all propellers up to 3m in diameter, and can calculate exactly the correct propeller dimensions to give your vessel optimum performance.


Our Long bed lathe enables machining of propeller shafts up to 7.5m between centres. With a swing of 1100 Diameter we can true up shafts to .005' run-out.


Propeller – Marine


  • Cast in Aluminium Nickel Bronze.
  • CNC Machined for true accuracy.
  • Various blade configurations.
  • 2, 3, 4 and 5 bladed propellers.
  • Diameters from 500mm to 4000mm.
  • Propeller design and selection.
  • Classification society approval.

Propeller Repairs


  • Fixed or variable pitch propellers.
  • Built up blade tips as per drawing.
  • Repairs to conform to ISO484/2-1981(E).
  • Balance and feather as per original.
  • Computer scan to class 1, 2, 3 or 'S' Class.
  • Assemble, test and report.
  • Conformance to society classification.



CPP Blade Repair


  • Controllable Pitch Propeller repairs.
  • Welding, straightening and machining.
  • Measured IAW 480 1/2 and NDT.
  • Computerised propeller scanning.
  • Weight adjustment for blade balance.
  • Complicated shapes and skew angle rectification.
  • Repaired to society classification.



Propeller Shaft – Manufacture and Repair


Bale Defence Industries has designed and manufactured propulsion shafts for the NAVY, ARMY, and commercial vessels to society classifications, Lloyds and DNV, the manufacture of these items has incorporated milling the key ways and turning the shafts, utilising Bale Defence Industries extensive modern facilities in Port Macquarie.


Material used in the manufacture of shafts by Bale Defence Industries include 316 stainless steel, AQUAMET22, SAF 2205, and Monel K500


Bale Defence Industries are capable of designing and manufacturing of shafts for all boats and most ships. Our maximum lathe capacity is 7.5 meters between centres and 1100mm swing. Bale Defence Industries can turn shafts of this maximum capacity to .005" tolerance.


Bale Defence Industries are expert at the repair and straightening of shafts up to 7.5 meters long.



Shaft and Rudder – Manufacture and Repair


  • Propeller shafts 150Ø x 7.5m.
  • Propeller repairs to ABS, DNV and Lloyd's standard.
  • Couplings to suit shafting.
  • Rudder stocks.
  • Keys, nuts and drive pins.





• Manufactured IAW Society Classification.

• Various configurations to suit vessel.

• Materials: 316 stainless steel, high tensile steel or aluminium.

• ordinary, hanging, semi or fully balanced designs.

• Protective coating if required.

• Designed by Naval Architects.

• Pintles, bearings and hydraulic steering supplied.



Naval Architecture


Bale Defence Industries has 30 years in ship design and marine engineering, from concept design through to construction support and upgrades, with state-of-the-art computer programs in developing hullforms, assessing performance and verifying weight and stability.


Services include:

  • Custom design
  • Hullform development
  • Performance assessment
  • Weights and stability
  • Re-powering
  • Stress analysis
  • Propeller selection
  • System installation details
  • Construction support



Boat Resistance Tests and Power Estimates

(100m long test tank at AMC)


  • Scale model manufactured to conduct hydrodynamics experiments on existing or new craft.
  • Varying load, speed and sea state conditions up to 30 knots.
  • Resistance, running trim and sinkage measured.
  • Powering predictions for full scale vessels, based on model test data.
  • Written and technical reports covering all aspects supplied.
  • Runs are recorded on video and still images.
  • Towing carriage has a resistance Dynamometer fixed at center line ( for parallelism).



Army Utility Work Boat


  • Marine grade Aluminium plank construction (double skin).
  • Power: 40HP - 90HP outboard motor (sort shaft).
  • Five individual buoyancy voids: sides (2), deck (2) and transom - drainable.
  • Capacity: 8 fully equipped soldiers.
  • Lashing points for transport, stowage and operational use.
  • Stackable and transportable: 4 high.
  • Parameters: 5000mm x 2060mm beam x 60mm draft x 30 knots x 320kg.



Outboard Motor Stand up to 150 hp Twin – Part no. Bale Defence 50397


  • Manufactured from marine grade aluminium.
  • Suit various OBM configurations.
  • For servicing, maintaining and OBM stowage.
  • Powdercoated red in colour or to operational colours.
  • Wheels: 3 swivel and 3 fixed - lockable.
  • Engineer certified - SWL 450kg.
  • Parameters: 1200mm (W) x 1150mm (H) x 2015mm (L) x 210kg.







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