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Make your world a Safer Place

Professional Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) requires the highest protection capacities.


Our main differentiator is the highest security level you can get: We provide the ultimate standard of gas-tight chambers with a variety of sizes, protection levels, implementations and options.


Consult us regarding safe bomb disposal and related security  issues. By discussing your needs at an early stage we can provide the optimum solution, whether an existing, adapted, or entirely new solution.


Best in class explosion protection

Dynasafe products feature:

• Gastight and non-gastight containment.

• Integrated systems.

• Scenario-based tailored solutions.


Dynasafe Protection Systems have implemented over 250 units/systems worldwide.

Law Enforcement



Bomb squads, first responders, EOD/IED teams and other organisations meet new challenges and increasingly complex security situations. Today, threats are not only limited to explosive devices. Safety risks from toxic or bio-toxic material have also become apparent.



Dynasafe provide a wide range of reliable, flexible and user- friendly explosion protection and bomb disposal equipment, enabling rapid reaction to an identified suspect item, immediate protection and minimized disturbances.



With a DynaSEALR X-chamber mounted on a trailer, in a vehicle, or on a remote-controlled unit, bomb disposal can be performed safely and efficiently. Personnel, bomb suits, and other equipment can be gathered in one unit in order to quickly respond to an identified suspect object. Dynasafe chambers are also used in police offices for safe storage of suspected items or ammunition.








Professional Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) requires the highest protection capacities and Dynasafe produces the highest  protection capacities available on the market. Dynasafe offers stronger, larger containment capacities without compromising  on mobility requirements. Features like protective shielding against fragmentation bombs (e.g. 155 mm howitzer shell), remote operation or manipulator arms for remote pick-up are only a few of the customizable options Dynasafe offers in its protective technologies.



Regard Dynasafe not only as a reliable supplier, but also as a unique and trustworthy source of know-how. Dynasafe has vast experience in dealing with and containing explosives, as well as chemical and biological agents – from removal and transport to final destruction. We are proud of our proven ability to tailor to the specific needs of EOD teams world wide and integrate different components into new systems. By discussing your needs at an early stage, we can provide the optimum solution for you.



DynaROVR system 324



Integrated solutions



Increasingly complex security situations mean new challenges  for military units, bomb squads, first responders, EOD/IED teams, and other organisations working in harsh environments and charged with UXO disposal or safe pick-up, transport, storage and destruction of grenades, artillery shells, mines, duds, IEDs, etc. Today, threats are not only limited to explosive devices. Safety risks from toxic or bio-toxic material have also become apparent.



We integrate several sub-systems and technologies into highly mobile and flexible systems. These combine safe removal, containment and transport of objects that are explosive or suspected of being explosive, including ‘dirty bombs’. Applications for these systems range from remote removal of suspect items, such as IEDs, UXO and munitions, to road clearance and securing the movements of military forces in crisis regions. Additionally, the removal of debris and building demolition in contaminated areas  is a potential use.


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